In Remembrance….

I don’t have that great of a memory.  Honestly, it’s embarrassing the amount of things that I have forgotten.  I have forgotten appointments, kids at school and names of people I’ve known for years.  I’m sure that if my memory was better that I would be embarrassed — I just don’t remember.  Wednesday, as I was sitting in church waiting for my turn  to take Communion I remembered 1 Corinthians 11:24.  It says that Jesus on the night before He was crucified He took His disciples to the upper room and celebrated Passover.  He took the bread, broke it and told his disciples to eat it “in remembrance” of Him.  Then in verse 25 He took the cup and told them to remember Him whenever they drank it.  I’m sure that they began to recall some of the moments that they’d spent with Jesus, walking, talking, praying.  I’m sure that they  remembered the miracles and amazing things that had happened, but I’m sure that after the crucifixion this “remembrance” took a different turn.

This caused me to question how I do Communion.  Do I hurry through the bread and cup or do I take the time to remember?   As a result, today I choose to remember.   I remember that Jesus, the creator of worlds and galaxies laid aside His glory and put on flesh to become a man.    I remember that this same man lived a perfect life and picked up the world’s sins (including mine) and took them on Himself, was crucified, buried, marched into hell and preached to the captives.  He lead those captives out of hell and defeated death by rising from the tomb in a new glorified body!  He ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father in authority!  I remember these amazing facts, but I also remember that this same Jesus called to me at the tender age of 7 and has walked with me for 48 years.  I remember that He has heard my cries, and tenderly told me of His love.  He has been a friend that stuck closer than any other.  Even when I was walking in sin, and not afraid of His judgement, He still loved me.  Loved me enough to call to me, to draw me, to whisper to my heart. Loved me enough to not give up on me.  Yes, I remember…




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