I’m going for a walk. The aborigines in Australia call it a “walk about”. Yup…..that’s what I’m going to do….go on a walkabout.  I will be leaving this afternoon after I get my things together, but I don’t know how long I will be gone.  I will check in with my blog pretty regularly, but I will not be around. 

I’m sure that you guys can tell–I NEED A BREAK!  Hence, the walkabout. 

I am going to drive to Dalhart & WALK straight into Barry’s arms.  AHHHHHHH    After that, I am going to be on a Walk to Emmaus.  (I’m helping with the music.)  My plans are to take some time & walk & talk to the Lord, & let Him soothe my spirit & strengthen my feeble knees.  I need some help walking on this path that He has placed me.    

I need to make some big decisions about how long I can stay & how to handle some of this stress.  Yup…I’m going for a walk.


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