My oldest daughter chastised me for not keeping my blog updated……She’s right. 

So in an effort to promote family harmony–an update!

  • I am still alive.  hehe
  • I do not have my CD yet, but probably by the end of the month.
  • Barry had his hip replaced in September & is doing well.
  • Barry had his 2nd hip replaced right before Christmas & is doing better.
  • Cynthia came home for Christmas….twice!  We had fun!
  • Ky & Austin are being home schooled.    It’s teaching me alot!  hehe
  • My folks are doing ok.  My dad’s Parkinson’s is progressing quicker than we want it to.
  • Barry’s mom is improving.  She can walk a little bit now.
  • The business is growing & the partnership with Barry’s brother is doing better than we expected.

I’ll do my best to keep you readers in the loop.


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Thanks for the update. (You and I enjoyed a nice cup of hot cocoa at a ski lodge in my dream last night. We were joined by some of my 4th grade alumni as well. Good times. . .Good times.)

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