Corinna’s Grand Adventure

WE HAVE A CD!!!!!!

 I’m still in shock.  It is hard to believe that my biggest dream has actually become a reality.  Wow!  God is so good…..

      Barry & I flew to Indiana last week & recorded my CD.  It was an amazing adventure, & I don’t really have the words to say how great it was.  It was fun,  scary & exhilarating all rolled into one.  I’m pretty excited about the end result, but I am also scared about it.  I want everyone to love it, but I feel kind of vulnerable about it.  It’s like having a baby……you want everyone to think she is as beautiful as you do.  hehe

     All of the music for the CD has been mixed, but it will take about 10 days for the process of mastering it to be completed.  The graphic designer will send me the proofs for the cover & we should have that completed pretty soon.  I should have CDs in hand about the middle of December. 

 Thanks to everyone that prayed….God met us in Indiana.


6 thoughts on “Corinna’s Grand Adventure

  1. You were in IN and you didn’t come visit??!!!! 🙂

    Oh Corinna – this is so exciting. I’m sorry I’m just now getting out and about blog-visiting, but it’s still exciting to read, even almost a month late.

    Where will you be selling it??

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