Last week I went to Las Cruces, NM to sing at a Ladies Retreat.   We used the music that we’ve been working on for the CD.  I’m pretty excited about the way things worked out.  The music sang well, people seemed to respond to it & I felt like God met with us.  What else could I want?  (Maybe a little bit more air conditioning in the room where I sang….he he  I melted in Las Cruces.)  I am so thankful for the way things are working out & am in shock over this amazing roller coaster ride that the Lord is taking me on. 

My husband, Barry is having hip replacement surgery on Monday.  Please keep him in your prayers.  He’s pretty young (43) but his whole family has bone trouble.  His mom has had EVERYTHING replaced…… 

Anyway, because of his surgery we are putting off recording the CD until the last of October/first of November.  He should be able to travel by then. Please keep us in your prayers.  We’ve got alot going on, & we want to walk through whatever door the Lord opens. 


2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Thanks Amy!

    I’m pretty excited myself!!!! I’m still kind of in shock. How did God get me from where I was to where I am now??:???
    We’ll be recording in Indiana & we will fly…..sorry. I would have loved to see you.

    The retreat was for the Baptist Women’s Missionary Union for the state of NM

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