Happily N’ever After

Last night I rented the movie Happily N’ever After.  I fell asleep about 1/3 of the way in so I’ll have to leave the review for later, but I noticed an uncanny resemblance between Cinderella & Sarah our friend from www.itsjustme.wordpress.com  

 N0w, I know what she does in her spare time. 


2 thoughts on “Happily N’ever After

  1. I’m not feeling welling, so I was tiring to hurry and read a few new posts on people’s blogs before I went to bed. (I would have been in bed an hour ago if the two older girls would have cooperated!) Well, I clicked on your blog, and I had to reread it!! I guess I’ve been skimming everything and I wasn’t sure what you said! (Maybe I’ll have to go back to the other blogs I “skimmed”) So, can I ask for a little more info on our resemblance.. is that good or bad?!! (I haven’t seen the movie, but since you feel asleep during it I’m probably not planning to!) =)

  2. Sarah,
    Don’t worry… the resemblance is good. The Cinderella character is graceful & beautiful with a cute pixie hair cut just like yours. She really looks like you.

    Also, don’t pass on the movie because I fell asleep in the middle of it. I fell asleep during Men In Black II — in the theater! ha

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