Propaganda’s Victory Dance

Last night I made the journey to the video store hoping for some quality entertainment.  I came home disappointed.  As a family we do not watch television.  We get enough network programing during visits to grandma’s house.  Now, before you think that I have taken leave of my senses let me explain.  We live in a small town that does not boast of a television station.  We cannot pick up TV without cable.  When my kids were very small we were monetarily challenged & decided that the $30-$40 a month would be better spent on things that were edible, so we cancelled our cable.  We were amazed at the immediate difference in our children.  Our son (the youngest) was the most changed.  He no longer tried to kick or karate chop his sisters at the drop of a hat.  He evidently was watching too much Power Rangers.  We were surprised to find that the kids didn’t seem to miss it.  They didn’t even ask for it.  I grew up on a steady diet of TV.   I ate Captain Kangaroo for breakfast & Gilligan’s Island as an after school snack  for years.  I missed it! I longed to watch the news!   But, as time passed I missed it less & enjoyed the quiet more. 

The change in our home was great, & the love that my kids have for books & writing is worth it.  

 Anyway, I rented a few movies last night.  ……     and I’m still scratching my head & trying to remember when movies became propaganda.   We rented Happy Feet.   GRRRR!  There were several crude remarks that I thought were inappropriate for the target audience.  Many sexual references were made & the whole premise of the movie was maddening.  Basically, the movie states that fishing is evil.  That man is unfeeling & doesn’t care about creation.  The movie was openly against Christianity with it’s depiction of the penguin religious leaders as being harsh, unfeeling, & afraid of anyone that was different.  Not to mention their use of the King James English & calling everyone brother or sister. 

Our other movie picks were:

  • Casino Royale  (loved it—it was very close to being the best Bond movie ever!)
  • The Children of Men (don’t waste your time–I love sci-fi movies but Clive Owen should have gone on vacation instead of filming this stinker!)
  • The Curse of the Golden Flower (didn’t watch it yet)

I’m looking for a good movie—–anyone have any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Propaganda’s Victory Dance

  1. Children of Men was an excellent movie. I rebuff your lack of taste and raise you an Uzumaki (now that was a stinker).

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