What I’m Reading Now

What I’m reading now:

  • The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel

              This is just a short book of about 80 pages that I found at Walmart.  It is great! It discusses the arguments that are used to try to disprove the death, burial & resurrection of Christ.  I found it to be very interesting & informative.  I didn’t need to be convinced, but it helped me to understand some of the questions that some have.   

  • David 90 Days With a Heart Like His  by Beth Moore

             Wow! That is the only thing I can say.  Now I know why so many people enjoy Ms. Moore’s books.  The book has been enjoyable, & I have heard God whispering to me through the pages more than once. 

  • I Kings

              I have been enjoying the Old Testament very much as of late.  I have read I & II Samuel & have now started on Kings.  Wow!  We serve an amazing God! 

  • Forever by Karen Kingsbury

               This is the last book in the Firstborn series.  I have truly enjoyed this series.  The characters are human & sometimes flawed (which I can relate to) but often come face to face with the very real presence of God.  The books are an easy read, but very entertaining & thought provoking.

  • Family Fun Magazine

              My kids are way too old to enjoy the games & crafts in this magazine, but I continue to buy it.  I love the wholesome ideas, fun crafts & the way that the magazine focuses on good clean fun! 

 I’ve also been reading on Saint by Ted Dekker, Divine by Karen Kingsbury, & a few other things that I can’t remember now.  As I get farther along I will post an opinion. 

 Reading is by far the most important skill that I have ever learned.   


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