Evelyn’s Miracle

Here is one of the many stories that my family tells.  

  My Aunt Evelyn is about 80 years old, & is the most healthy, vibrant person that I know.  She also loves the Lord & vividly remembers this miracle. 

When she was about 12 years old she got sick.  She remembers having trouble breathing & not eating for days.  My grandfather was a pastor of a small church at the time & they lived in the parsonage next to the church.  My grandfather went to church on Sunday morning & my grandmother stayed home with my aunt.  She tells that even when they were sick they went to church, so she must have been very ill.  Anyway, my grandfather came home to check on my aunt & there was a knock on the door.  When my grandfather opened the door there was a man standing on the doorstep with a small child in his arms.   The man was crying, asking for help.  The father kept saying that the child was dead.  My grandfather asked them in & reached for the child to hold her & pray for her.  When my grandfather took her in his arms she opened her eyes & said that she was hungry.  My aunt, who was lying in the other room was healed at the same moment!

Well, things got a little crazy around there for a while with the excitement, but they finally found out what had happened.  The man & child were traveling through town & the child became ill & DIED!   Her father took her to a doctor, but she was already dead so he gave the father directions to the mortuary!  (Remember that this was about 70 years ago in a very small town.)  They never did figure out how the man ended up at the parsonage–the mortuary was nowhere close to the parsonage.  God must have lead them there. 


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