Bud’s Miracle

(This was written by my mom & posted on our family website.   Bud was my mom’s oldest brother.)

The miracle that I can remember, was Bud having appendicitis.  

We were living at Post.   Bud was about 18-19 years old.   He got sick during church on a Sunday night and Mama let him leave church, which was something we seldom did.   After church, he was sick at his stomach and started vomiting.   That night and the next few days, Bud got worse and worse.   There was continual prayer going on, but he got worse.

Divine healing was taught and believed in at our home.   On this one day, I think it was a Thursday of Friday, he was so sick.   Daddy asked him if he wanted a doctor.   Bud said, “No.   If I die, I’ll die, but I’ll trust in God.”

After he said this, there was “some-kind” of prayer meeting took place.   Bud had been in Mama and Daddy’s bed for several days–we were all around the bed.   Our prayers were answered right then.   Bud sat up praising God for his healing.   There was much rejoicing!

Bud immediately wanted somehing to eat.   He had not been able to eat for days.   He was a big boy before he got sick.   Mama took his khaki pants up until the pockets met and they were still too big.   He had lost so much weight, he did not look like the big brother we knew.

God is so real, and divine healing does still happen in our day!


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