Ky’s Miracle

When I was “great with child” with my second daughter the Lord did an amazing work.  On one of my visits to the OB before my little red-haired girl was born I was scheduled for a sonogram.  (My first baby was born very early, so they kept a pretty close watch on me.)  Anyway, the tech that was doing the sonogram suddenly got a very funny look on her face & I could tell that she was nervous.  She kept saying that everything was ok, but I could tell that it wasn’t.  She called the doctor in & he got the same nervous look on his face.  They went outside & talked for a while, & the doctor came back in & told me to go & get my husband.  He would not tell me anything.  He just kept saying that I needed my husband.     (It was about 6PM & I lived an hour away from the doctor.)  Well, by the time that I got back it was 10PM & the doctor met us at the door & took us to the hospital chapel.  (That should have been my 3rd clue that something was dramatically wrong.) 

Well, to make a long & painful story short.  Our baby was malformed.  She was not growing at the proper rate, & was not growing in the right places at the right time.  They told us that she would probably have Down’s Syndrome.  They said that she WOULD be a dwarf.  Her ribs had not grown properly & she would not be able to take a full breath when she was born.  The only reason that she was alive was that she was still inside of me & didn’t have to breath yet. 

Then they sent us home to wait & pray through the weekend.  

On Tuesday we met with a genetic counselor.  After our visit we were a whole lot more knowledgeable about birth defects, but had no more idea about our baby. 

The genetic counselor sent us for another sonogram ……….. it showed nothing!

Yup! Nothing!  She was perfect!  The Lord healed her sometime between Friday & Tuesday! 

Blessed be the name of Jehovah Rapha!  The Lord who Heals!


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