Snow & Other Stuff

Winter has dawned in the Texas Panhandle.  We’ve received 10 glorious inches of the wonderful stuff!  I know that to some that’s not much, but to us here in the “great southwest” we love moisture in whatever form it takes!  Actually, this is the first real winter that we’ve had in several years.  For the last three winters the drought has robbed us of much moisture of any kind. 

I love living in Texas!  My son & I started shoveling the drive this morning & our neighbor came over with his snow blower & finished the job for us.

We’re enjoying the weather, my son is curled up on the couch watching Henry V.  (If you’ve never seen it it is wonderful!)  I am enjoying a bit of green tea while I surf & the hubby has gone to the store for hot chocolate. 

My daughters are spread out all over the countryside.  Ky (the middle girl) is in Houston for an academic decathalon.  She’s had fun & gotten to ride an airplane for the first time.  Cyn is in Florida soaking up the sun.  I talked to her a couple of days ago & it was almost 80 degrees!  I would enjoy some sunshine, but I love living in Texas!!!!!

I have just purchased Beth Moore’s new book “David”.  I can hardly wait to dig into it.  I have read a few other of her books, but have never done one of her Bible studies.  I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Snow & Other Stuff

  1. I am so excited about the snow. some people think that I’m crazy, but it is beautiful out there. I’m off for the next 2 days and I hope I can take Ethan sleding. Fun Fun Fun.

  2. Corinna, Enjoy “David”! I’m guessing it’s a book form of her Bible study “A Heart Like His”. I’ve facilitated several of her studies in the past (before homeschooling)and have always been challenged by her passion for(read being in love with as opposed to loving) the Lord. You might also enjoy “Things Pondered” which is a collection of her poetry.

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