After a ten day Christmas break I am at home again & have access to a computer.  Whew!  I thought that I was going to go into withdrawals without a computer, but I survived & am ok!  

I had a very eventful break.  My oldest daughter came home for Christmas!  She’s changed & grown, but it was a big treat to see her.  I miss her more than I ever thought possible, but I’m excited for her & the adventure that she is having. 

I caught a nasty cold & was hoarse & coughed all over two states!!!!!   Grrrr   I am fully recovered, and am very thankful! 

I got to speak at the Christmas banquet at my church.  Woohoo!  I was so excited, but that darn cold made it difficult.  By the time I was finished I was hoarse & afraid that my voice was such a huge distraction that no one heard what the Lord laid on my heart.  I wanted to do well enough that they would ask me again sometime.  We’ll see about that! hehe

 We took the family to the hubby’s parents the weekend before Christmas & had a good visit.  My mother-in-law is recovering from breast cancer, so things were pretty laid back.   I didn’t get to see all of my nieces & nephews (one is in Iraq & several more were still in Kansas) but they’re all growing & turning into pretty nice people.  I did get to see my new great-niece Kinsley, & she’s a beautiful baby!  Nice job Kendall & Chris!!!!!

The next weekend we went to my parents home.  We spread out our celebration over three days & it was nice.  We did stockings on one day, went to church together the next day & opened gifts.  Then on Christmas day had a big meal.    I kind of liked it that way.  There was no pressure & it was a whole lot more relaxed. 

The next weekend was a family reunion of my mom’s extended family.  We had a huge snow storm so it really cut down on the people that attended, but we had a great time anyway.  We laughed & giggled alot, ate more than we should, & didn’t take one picture!?  I wish we would have thought of pictures, but I guess we were having too much fun to slow down. 

In the middle of all of this the pastor of my mom’s church asked me to do a concert at his church!  woohoo!  I was so excited, I’ve been praying & asking God to open doors for me to sing.  I’ve never done a concert by myself before so it was also kind of nerve wracking.  Could I sing for an hour?  (Especially since I’d had a cold for two weeks & was coughing all of the time & fighting with my asthma.)  Would I be received well?  Would I have anything relevant to say?  Anything that would affect people’s lives?   Let me tell you, God was faithful!  He met with us & gave me the voice to sing.  He made the singing easy & I had the breath & didn’t cough once!!!!   Wow!  He even gave me the words to say!  He helped me to give my testimony in a way that seemed to affect people.   I am so thankful!  So humbled, & so honored that He would allow me to lift up the name of Jesus! 

 Well, more later.  Blessings to all!


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