Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas!  I love the sound of that!   You will not hear me wishing you “Happy Holidays”.  I’m a bit of a sentiment snob!  I might venture a “Happy Holy Days”, “Happy Christmas”, or even “Merry Advent”, but not “Happy Holidays”.    “Happy Holidays” is just too non-commital.  I don’t celebrate Hannukuh, Kwanza or even Santa’s visit I want everyone to know that I celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25th.  It is an event that needs to be celebrated & enjoyed. 

 God saw MY need for a Savior & sent the best that He had!  Emmanuel!  Woohoo!  Now THAT is something to be merry about!  Bring out the cake & cider!  Let me give you a gift to commemorate the greatest gift ever received by this 40-something mama.   Let’s sing & laugh, & decorate something!!!

            And His name shall be called WONDERFUL……


                            THE MIGHTY GOD…

                             THE EVERLASTING FATHER……

                             THE PRINCE OF PEACE!

                             IS. 6:9


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