This time of year always makes me think of home.  You know…..the Martha Stewart version of home.  The logs crackling in the fire place.  The perfect centerpiece for my dining room table.  The warm fragrance of baking bread.  Happy, apple-cheeked children playfully skipping by…. mmmmmmm   The holidays are coming!!!

 I am anxiously awaiting the holiday season.  Every year I look forward to breaking out the Christmas CD’s & drinking hot cider.  The first Christmas magazine of the season is a big deal! 

 Christmas & home are synonymous!  We always think of being at home with family for Christmas.  Take at look at Christmas music.  There are songs about home & family & what we’ll eat while we’re there.  “I’ll be home for Christmas”,  “White Christmas”, “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays”,  etc., etc.  Even our traditions emphasize hearth & home.  We go home…..we decorate our homes…..we have open houses……  I have even heard about people who have a “house stocking”  for gifts like vacuum cleaners & dishwashers.  So Mom gets something just for her & not for the house.  We’ve all heard people say “All hearts go home for Christmas….” 

I got to looking today, & was struck by something.  When Gabriel told Mary that she would bear the Christ she went to visit Elizabeth for three months.  When it was time for His birth Joseph & Mary had to go to Bethlehem.  They weren’t nestled around a tree sipping cider.  The shepherds were abiding in a field keeping watch over their sheep.  The  angels left the presence of God to bring the tidings of The Savior’s birth.  The shepherds went to Bethlehem to see Jesus,  then went abroad to make known what they had seen & heard. 

The wise men traveled from the east.  I don’t know the time frame, but God had Joseph take  Mary &  Jesus to Egypt!

Don’t forget that Jesus left His home in heaven to come to earth.  He laid aside his glory & became flesh & blood. 

No one involved in the Christmas story was at home. 

Christmas isn’t about going home.  It’s not about anything but Jesus bringing us home.  Sacrificing His life blood to make it possible for us to be home with Him for eternity. 

Home…..I’m looking forward to going home. 


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. ME TOO!!!!!

    Thanks for pointing out that no one involved in the Christmas story was at home. That is powerful….. sure makes me want to align MY focus. (I can’t honestly say it makes me want to be away from home for Christmas…yet) 😕 Wow….I’m eager to “chew” on this one for a bit.

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