The ABC’s of God’s Character

Able; Available; Advocate; Beloved; Beauty; Bridgroom;

Creator: Compassionate; Counselor; Deliverer; Defender;

Delight; Eternal; Exalted; Everlasting; Faithful; Forgiving;

Friend; Gentle; Giver; Guide; High Priest; Holy; Husband;

Indwelling; Inviting; Infinite; Just; Joy; Jewel; Keeper; King;

Kind; Light; Life; Love; Maker; Merciful; Majestic; Nourishment;

Near; Nurturer; Owner; Omnipotent; Omniscient;Protector;

Provider; Powerful; Quiet; Quick; Quotable; Refuge; Reward;

Rock; Shepherd; Strength; Sufficiency; Teacher; Truth; Tender;

Unchangeable; Understanding; Unconquerable; Victor, Virtuous;

Vindicator;Wonderful Counselor; Worthy; Willing; X-tra Good!

X-cellent! X-treme Love! Yahweh; Yours; the Same Yesterday,

Today & Forever; Zealous; Zestful;

A to Z

—Cheri Fuller

      Adapted from “When Children Pray”


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