Singing in Santa Fe

I just wanted to update you on my weekend.  It seems like I have talked all the way around my weekend & still haven’t addressed the Retreat.  It was, after all, the reason that I went to Santa Fe.  hehe

It was amazing!  The women were precious!  The worship was good, the speakers (my cousin, in particular) were awesome!  God met us there & ministered to us through conferences on Living the Call that He has given us & how to love your teenagers even though they can punch your buttons.  The emphasis on missions was moving (of course, this was the Women’s Missionary Union) & challenging.  I had the honor of singing after my cousing Connie gave her testimony.  Wow!  God is using her in an amazing way.  When I grow up—I want to be her. hehe  Anyway, the anointing of the Holy Ghost was there & singing was such a treat!  It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful meeting.  At the end about 10 women came forward & gave their lives to the Lord!!!!   Woohoo!!!!   One precious little Native American woman talked to me later & (in tears) told me how excited she was that the Lord had been pursuing her & drawing her back to him.  She rededicated her life back to the Lord that morning!!!  Her name was Abigail.  Please help me pray for her & her family.  Her daughter Yvonne is not saved & is facing health issues, & her husband Elroy needs prayer.   She was so sweet!

Thank You, Lord for loving us enough to pursue us!


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