Women’s Weekender

Well, my trip to Santa Fe is over.  I had a really good time while I was there.  I told you that I had not been there for about 15 years.  WOW!!!!!!!!  I cannot believe the difference in the “City Different”.  Actually, it has changed so much that is has morphed into the same tourist town that Aspen & other southwestern towns have.  Santa Fe is no longer quaint & unusual, it’s just another tourist town. 

The houses started about 10-15 miles farther out than they did 15 years ago.  The growth is phenomenal!  The traffic at 10am on Friday morning was congested & parts of Old Pecos Trail were four lanes!  The Plaza area has changed dramatically too.  Woolworth’s drug store is gone, & in it’s place is a multi-floored galleria!  Everything is so slick & shiny!  That’s not Santa Fe!  Gone are the small shops & fun places to goof around, & in their place is Starbucks, Target, Sootheby’s Real Estate????!!!!  Now don’t get me wrong…..I love Starbucks & I love to shop.

I got the chance to drive around & reminisce.  My elementary school is almost the same.  They are adding a huge new building.  The Junior High is EXACTLY the same, but the high school had grown & they have even built another high school in town that is larger than the one I attended, & I graduated with over 800 people! 

The house that I used to live in was for sale, so I got to walk around it & peek in the windows.  It is very different, but I was very excited when I got to the front porch.  My kids hand prints & foot prints were still there in the concrete!!!!!! We put them there in 1991.  Cynthia was about 3 & Ky was about 6 months old!!!! I hope the pictures turn out good!


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