I Just Don’t Get It!

My son, Austin, came home from school yesterday with some disturbing news.  He said that alot of his schoolmates were complaining about the hype of 9/11!  He said that they kept asking, “What’s the big deal?  9/11 was five years ago!” 


They don’t get it!  I guess since no one they knew died it didn’t affect them

I guess since Hitler only killed people in Europe that didn’t affect them either! GRRRRR!


3 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It!

  1. Double GRRRR,
    I heard someone say yesterday they were tired of all the hoopla and we all needed to let it go and forget about it. They said by talking about it we’re letting the terrorist win all over again. Um no, by remembering we remain vigilant in fighting the terrorists. As soon as America forgets they’ll become apathetic thus easier targets.

    I also thought if this person had lost someone they wouldn’t be so anxious for the nation to forget.

  2. while it is true that it needs to be remembered, i don’t think that giving up class time is the way to do it. by giving up time that could be sepnt learning, gives them more power, becouse we have less education.

  3. In the first place I don’t know how much time was given to 9/11 in the classroom. What the kids were talking about was all of the media hype. I do think that we should be visiting this time in history in class–often. Knowledge is power!

    Secondly, do we give class time to Napoleon? How about Nero? Saddam Hussein? Stalin? Each of these men did things just as bad or worse than the terrorists.

    We teach our children about Pearl Harbor. Why would this be any different. In both instances we were attacked.

    We must be ever vigilant!

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