You Can’t Deny the TRUTH!

For two days a post has been rumbling around in my brain & heart.  I just haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words.  I am talking about the FoxNews reporter that made the video (admittedly under duress) that claimed that he had converted to Islam & that “Mohammed was now his leader”. ….

 Let that sink in for a minute.  An American man told the world that he was embracing Islam.  OK….I totally understand freedom of religion & being converted.  I understand that he was fearful for his life …. that the decision was Islam or death.  I don’t even know if Mr. Centanni was a Christian.  That is not my point.  My point is that for me saying something just to appease the “crazy kidnappers” would not have been an option.

        Did Paul say whatever it took to stay alive?  No, how many times was he beaten & stoned? 

        Did John the Baptist say anything to protect his life?  No, he was boiled in oil & exiled to the isle of Patmos. 

        Did Stephen stop preaching Jesus to save himself…no, he was stoned to death.

 Did Jesus do whatever it took to stay alive……………..

With that said, I have a few things that I would like to get off of my chest. 

              1. Embracing Islam IS rejecting Christ.  There are no two ways about it.  Islam does not recognize Jesus’ divinity.  They say that He was a prophet & a good man.  Yes, He was both of those things, but He was so much more. 

He was & IS the Only Begotton of the Father.

He is The Way, The Truth & The Life!

No one comes to the Father, but by Him.

He is …..  Messiah, King, Savior, Friend, & Coming Judge.

              2.  I am surprised at the number of Christians that weigh in on this topic supporting Mr. Centanni’s “conversion”.  They say that the kidnappers were crazy & he needed to do whatever it took to stay alive. 

            Please read carefully, I do not wish that Mr. Centanni had made the other choice & died.  That was his choice alone & I for one will not second guess it. 

     I guess I wonder about what I would do if ever faced with that choice.  Would I deny Him three times?  Or have I walked with Him enough to to ask to be to crucified upside down because I am not worthy to be crucified like Him.  ???  !!!  The apostle Peter was the one that did both of those things, & like hime we are all capable of denying Christ.  We are all capable of saying whatever it takes to stay alive…..

          But, the difference comes from walking with Jesus. 

          Knowing that He IS!

               Knowing that He is God!  Redeemer! Friend! 

         Peter changed on the day of Pentecost!  The Holy Spirit living in him made him bold! Unafraid!  A powerful speaker!  His shadow healed people! 

My prayer is to know Him.  Not just the Sunday morning casual relationship that alot of us Christians have.  But to really know Him.  To be so close to Him that His Holy Spirit changes me, & makes me bold & unafraid. 

 Jesus is THE TRUTH & I cannot deny Him!


5 thoughts on “You Can’t Deny the TRUTH!

  1. I wonder how “strong” we are even when we are not being threatened with our life? I regret that many times I could have spoken up for the Lord and chose not to…why? The reasons were different but all left me feeling remorse afterward. May we all become just a little bolder each day because who knows what we may yet face.

    And thank you for the 2996 tribute.

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