The Speed of Life

As a child Christmas doesn’t come soon enough, a nap is half a lifetime & a school year is an eternity.  As an adult, time is measured differently.  Christmas is always just around the corner, a nap is never long enough & a year is but a moment.  I wonder if time actually speeds up or if I just measure it differently.  Honestly, it seems like time is speeding up.  The older I get the quicker time passes.  I find myself looking middle age in the eye, & it is staring back with an ugly glare! My children are old enough to survive without me.  They are stretching their wings & preparing to fly.  I’m old enough to be a grandmother now. wow! 

I pray that I will redeem the time…. use this precious gift of time that the Father has given me.  For I find that I am careening towards eternity.  Gaining speed.  Rushing Home! 


4 thoughts on “The Speed of Life

  1. Hello.
    Just for the heck of it, I typed my name into google and found your website. I find it so interesting how much we are alike.
    You seem like such an amazing person and I wanted to know more about you. You do not have a page on your site that goes into about you.
    I normally do not write to strangers, but your site really impacted me for some reason.
    I love your heart for Israel, have you ever been?
    I stand with you in prayer for peace in Israel and God’s will in the current situation.
    I just wanted to say Hi. Would love to know more about you. Not often you find someone who spells their name the same.
    God Bless you today – Rabah Shalom,

  2. Corinna,
    Thanks for the comments. I love that we have found each other & would love to correspond with you!!!! You are right, I don’t often come by someone that spells their name “correctly” like I do. hehe

    No, I have never been to Israel, but have always dreamed of going.

    Please let me know how to get in contact with you!

  3. Think of your journey through life on earth as a trip toward a distant mountain. When you are still a long ways off, you can travel for hours and it doesn’t seem to change in size. But the closer you get to it, even though you haven’t changed your speed, it appears to grow in size faster. When you get close to it, it grows noticeably larger constantly.

    I think life is like that. The closer you get to the end; the faster it comes at you.

    Just think of the advantage this will be if we should end up in a nursing home when we’re old. Instead of being bored out of our minds; we will no sooner wake up and have our breakfast and it will be time to have supper and go to bed.

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