Who I Am

 I often question God about His love for me.  I know me……I’m hard to love sometimes (just ask my teenagers).  I’m not blind to my sins & faults (just not willing to let them go).  I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve God’s love.  After all, I continue to fail……..

Occasionally when I can’t sleep, or when I am afraid, I begin to list the names of God & meditate on Him & His attributes.  I go in alphabetical order & I have rarely had to worry about Q.  It really helps.  Last night it finally hit me!!!!!!   An epiphany!!!!!

It’s not about who I am…..but WHO HE IS!  My sin is gone, but he remains:

  • Adonai, Anointed, Author & Finisher of our Faith,Advocate
  • Blessed Son, Bread of Life, Bright & Morning Star
  • Counsellor, Chief Cornerstone, Creator, Chief Shepherd
  • Dayspring, Deliverer
  • Everlasting Father , Eternal Life
  • Faithful & True, First & Last, Firstborn over all Creation
  • Great High Priest, Good Shepherd, Gate
  • Holy & True, Hope of Glory, Horn of Salvation
  • I Am, Immanuel, Image of God
  • Jesus, Jehovah, Judge
  • King of Kings, King of the Ages
  • Lord Of Lords, Lamb of God, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Lord of Glory
  • Messiah, Mighty God, Morning Star
  • Nazarene
  • Our Righteousness, Only Begotten Son of God
  • Prince of Peace, Prophet, Power of God
  • Redeemer, Rock, Resurrection & Life, Righteous One
  • Son of Righteousness, Savior
  • Truth, True Bread, True Vine
  • Way, Word of God, 

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