Summer Fun

I bought cookies & pink lemonade from kids at a roadside stand Saturday morning. 

 What fun!  They were the cutest kids that I had seen in a long time.  There were about 5 of them.  They were Mennonite children so they looked like kids used to a long time ago.  Clean faces, bare feet, & braided hair. A couple of them had the most beautiful red hair & freckles.   Several of the others had blonde, blonde hair.  Almost white.  Beautiful children! 

They thanked me & giggled.  They were small enough that 6 cookies added up to high finance,  but we finally got a total & I paid in quarters (it makes it easier to split).  They grabbed my cookies & stuffed them in a baggie or two & I sipped & nibbled my way home with a smile. 

Thank you God for kids that are still kids.   


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. I am almost afraid to let my daughter go out into the big world for very long. Kids quit being kids at a younger and younger age anymore.

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