18 Years

On April 8, 1988 God gave me an amazing gift! An exquisite baby girl!  She was tiny (1lb 10 oz) but beautifully formed!  She had downy soft hair all over her body & long beautiful fingers that belonged to a pianist.  From the beginning she had quite a personality.  She had definite likes & dislikes even being so tiny.  In 1988 she was right on the edge of being too small.  If she had been just a week less developed they would not have even tried to save her.  The roller coaster ride that she took us on for the next weeks & months was incredible, but compared to the next 18 years it was nothing! 

What a joy she has been! 

She accepted the Lord when she was about 5 & then quickly proceeded to lead her sister Him.  She worked on her brother & then gave me the honor of "closing the deal".  hehe   

She taught herself to read before kindergarten.  She saw an angel when she was in the 1st grade!  And for the next 12 years she has taught me so much about faith & love .. about being generous & giving.  When I grow up I want to be her.

 Academically she has excelled.  (That's an understatement.)  What an amazing testimony!  When God heals — He heals completely!  The doctors told us when she was born that she would have learning disabilities!  That she would have Cerebral Palsy.  That she would be blind.  That her heart might never function correctly.  That her kidneys might be damaged.  He is Jehovah Rophe–the Lord who heals!

 Her whole life has been a race to get somewhere in a hurry.  When she was born my prayers were "O Father, she's so tiny!  She's too little to survive in this big place.  Oh, God, give her strength — protect her!"  Saturday, April 8, 2006 I found myself in Orlando Florida repeating that same prayer.  She wants to go to school there, but she's too small.  She can't possible survive in such a big place.  "Father, give her strength–protect her!"

I fear that I will once again witness a miracle.  I will get to see her grow & blossom into a lovely woman.  A woman of faith.  A woman of strength beyond herself.  A woman that I am proud to call my daughter.


6 thoughts on “18 Years

  1. I had forgotten that Cynthia’s birthday is the same as Amy & Jami’s. Happy Birthday Cynthia. God’s healing power is so amazing. We are blessed.

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