Birthday Cluster

The first part of April is known officially in my family as a birthday cluster.  (Yes, it is just like a cancer cluster.) In the first week alone we have 7!!!!! 

My daughter has a list on her blog of 47 things that she would like for her birthday.  So, in a shameless rip off of a great idea I am going to post my own birthday wish list.  Feel free to choose anything from the list for my gift & remember…..these are not in any particular order. 

  1. A laptop
  2. Free film developing for a year (for my bird pictures)
  3. A trip to Israel
  4. A new brake & shear for the shop
  5. a maid that comes in twice a week
  6. a shop vac (I want to be able to vaccuum out the suburban at work)
  7. Time to visit with Jack & Conda like we used to
  8. To visit Dirindia
  9. To reach my goal weight (I guess that means no cake on my birthday)
  10. A strawberry cake for my birthday cake
  11. For Cynthia to always live close (just kidding–I know that she has to be where God wants her)
  12. All of my pictures in photo albums (I'm dreaming big now)
  13. World peace
  14. A newer cell phone
  15. For my taxes to be done
  16. To no longer be a procrastinator
  17. To sing with a mass choir like Brooklyn Tabernacle (just one song)
  18. A new rose bush for my yard
  19. A massage (I've never had one)
  20. A manicure & pedicure
  21. A mouse proof office
  22. A trip to Florida with Cynthia paid for by someone else

5 thoughts on “Birthday Cluster

  1. My b-day falls in the cluster, here’s my list, I’ll shamelessy list it here instead of on my own blog:

    A bag of Red and Yellow Bell Peppers from Sams

    Gorgonzola Cheese

    White Socks

    A pair of “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” The instant tummy tuck style.

    A pink and brown Bible cover

    A day with Amy

    A brown dress

    A manicure

    A permanent cure to adult acne and expression lines

    2 inches of height.

    A pink t-shirt

    A trip to SanAntonio with Kurt

    Coffee with my friends, all of them. Moriah and JoAnna too.

    To wake up to a clean house and van.

    There you go, that makes for a start.

  2. I must say that I was blessed to receive # 4 & # 22 for my birthday.

    Barry bought me a break & shear for the shop. We receive them on the 18th. I’m so excited about what I will be able to build……

    We flew to Florida on my birthday to check out the University of Central Florida. Cynthia is planning on attending in the fall. They paid for everything but the trip to Ripley’s Believe It of Not! hehe

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