The Lord of the Rings

Since I am the last person on the planet who has not read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy I have decided to bow to pressure & submit.  Today I marched myself down to the library & checked The Fellowship of the Ring out.  It looks oddly similar to books I used to read in junior high that had the funny cover & the hard back.  I have read a couple of pages & found it to be very entertaining.  I think that I could have been a Hobbit.  I see a whole lot of similarities (except for the foot thing–no hair there.)

  1. Anything that a Hobbit has no immediate use for, but is unwilling to throw away is called a mathom.  Their dwellings were apt to become rather crowded with mathoms.  They re-gift.
  2. They eat & drink often & heartily. Six meals a day!
  3. They love parties & simple jests….(I love a good pun!) 

Kind of eerie isn't it?






3 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings

  1. While I haven’t paid that much attention as to if your feet are hairy or not(we would have to ask Barry about that), I believe your much too tall for a Hobbit.

    Now I know what to call all that stuff in our house and shed. Conda’s mathoms. She probably thinks that I have some also.

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