Today I will:

  • Finish my book work at the shop.
  • Get my dog groomed.
  • Drink all of my water.
  • Prepare my records to go to the accountant.
  • Sweep the shop.
  • Water the jungle. ( I inherited 40,000 plants when we moved to this shop.)
  • Sing a little.
  • Laugh a little more.
  • Dream alot.



Today I am:

  • Listening to Casting Crowns “And Now my Lifesong Sings”


  • Reading Showdown by Ted Dekker
  • And Waking the Dead by John Eldridge


  • Drinking Coke Zero


  • Eating Clemintine Mandarin Oranges  (yummy!)


  • Watching Jane Austin’s Pride & Predjudice with Kiera Knightley.  Wow!



4 thoughts on “Today

  1. Well, hopefully you are going to get alot done!!

    I really want to see the new Pride and Predjudice, but it’s on a really long wait with Netflix!! Also, the movie place here only has one you can rent. Which is poor planning on their part! =)

  2. I finished everything but my tax stuff. My dog bit the groomer—drew blood. (He’s new to this whole grooming thing.) The jungle is fine!

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