Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.


Today I shall wax eloquent on the subject of time. 

 My life is rushing along at a speed that I no longer find comfortable.  I find that I have less time ahead of me than what is behind.  It frightens & yet exhilarates me. I find myself wondering how it got away so quickly, & if I will accomplish all of the things that I dreamt of doing when I was young.  The question is….are these things important to anyone other than myself??????   Probably not.  I guess I need to spend a little more time delighting myself in the Lord & let Him give me the desires of my heart.  To put the desires that need to be there in there.

I think that birthdays were designed to make us take stock.  To give us a marker that we can look back on.  My dad turned 70 last week, & he told me that inside he still feels like he is 24.  I hope that I always feel 24 on the inside.  Not old & wrinkled in my heart.  Is this what Jesus promised us?  Life……Life….and more abundantly!!!!! Not old & tired, but alive & vibrant in Him.  I think so.


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